Internet Traffic Begins to Bypass the U.S. -

Interessante articolo del NY Times in cui si analizza, da vari punti di vista, il “sorpasso” dell’internet non-USA rispetto alla rete americana, e in cui viene citata Tiscali Network come uno dei provider che più hanno guadagnato dalla crescita delle interconnessioni fuori dagli Stati Uniti.

Internet Traffic Begins to Bypass the U.S. -
China, for instance, surpassed the United States in the number of Internet users in June. Over all, Asia now has 578.5 million, or 39.5 percent, of the world’s Internet users, although only 15.3 percent of the Asian population is connected to the Internet, according to Internet World Stats, a market research organization.

By contrast, there were about 237 million Internet users in North America and the growth has nearly peaked; penetration of the Internet in the region has reached about 71 percent.

The increasing role of new competitors has shown up in data collected annually by Renesys, a firm in Manchester, N.H., that monitors the connections between Internet providers. The Renesys rankings of Internet connections, an indirect measure of growth, show that the big winners in the last three years have been the Italian Internet provider Tiscali, China Telecom and the Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI.

Firms that have slipped in the rankings have all been American: Verizon, Savvis, AT&T, Qwest, Cogent and AboveNet.

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